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Jesse L. Valenzuela 

     Hello, my name is Jesus (Jesse) Leija Valenzuela. I am the third of four (4) sons and the sixth of eleven (11) children born to Mr. and Mrs. Esteban and Irma Valenzuela. My parents were naturalized American citizens and their greatest desire was for all their children to learn and live-in both cultures, the Latin culture of their parents and the new and more modern culture of the United States. Hence, I am bilingual in English and Spanish. 

     I am the product of the local public school system. I attended Roosevelt Elementary School, Marshall Junior High School and Ganesha High School which all are located in Pomona, California. I graduated from Upland High School and received a four (4) year scholarship to California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly-Pomona) where I completed my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Political Science. I received yet another scholarship to attend La Verne University School of Law. I received my Juris Doctorate Degree in Law from La Verne and have been a stated and federal licensed attorney since January 9, 1981 and May 5, 1987, respectively.

     I have dedicated and served my initial law practice to serving the public and justice. I first began my practice as a "Staff Attorney" for the Federal Legal Aid Program, in particular the San Gabriel-Pasadena Valley Legal Center and the Inland Counties Legal Center. As a "Staff Attorney" I handled cases involving landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, fraudulent real estate transactions, and family law including but not limited to restraining orders (TRO's), child and alimony support, dissolutions (divorce) and paternity decrees, as well as, property division, employment disputes and government benefits/assistance disputes. Next, I worked with the Riverside Public Defender's Office throughout Riverside County. As a Riverside Misdemeanor Public Defender, I handled as attorney of record, all offenses at the misdemeanor level including but not limited to misdemeanor sexual offenses, arson, manslaughter, drug offenses, police evasion and burglaries. I also served in the juvenile court defending juvenile clients for over one year, as well as representing either or both parents in dependency proceedings. As a Riverside Felony Public Defender I handled (which included dispositions and/or trials) all offenses at the felony level, including but not limited to kidnapping, extortion, murder and manslaughter, burglaries, robberies, arson, sexual offenses (against adults and children), drug offenses including cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, ecstasy, etc. and involving amounts from grams to kilograms. I have tried by court and jury trial both civil and criminal cases (including misdemeanors and felonies). I have served as Judge Pro Team in the Courts of the County of Riverside presiding (sitting as Judge) in criminal matters for over one (1) year and thereafter as requested by the judges. 

     I have petitioned on behalf of my clients for post-conviction relief including Motions for New Trial, Remittitur, Expungements, Sealing of Records, Destruction of Records, Petitions for Rehabilitation and Pardon and Writs including Coram Nobus. Commencing in approximately 1987 I began to represent individuals that were charged and/or indicted with Federal Offenses in the areas aforementioned, plus those involving the RICCO Act, Illegal Entry and various prohibited drug offenses. Since approximately 1987, I have been in private (non-government supported) practice. I have no financial arrangements with nor do I receive any state or federal reimbursement for any attorney services that I render to my clients. My practice of law now relies one hundred percent (100%) on the fees I receive from my clients.

     As a result of my more than thirty-two (32) years of practicing law, I can say that I have only two (2) interests when I am in a court of law on my client's case: 1.) to seek justice for my client and 2.) the establishment, betterment and/or protection of the rights of my client. It is not just a matter of what the government (state or federal) accuses you of; it's a matter of what they can prove. Nor are my clients in  any way obligated to assist the government in meeting their burden of proof to establish guilt. Meanwhile, although not obligated, often the defense investigation will assist in the clarification of the facts of the case. Facts that at first consideration may point to culpability can be explained as exculpatory facts. 

     I am eager to meet you. Together we will find an agreeable solution to your problems. 

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